Class Notes

Dara Korra’ti ’84

June 13, 2012

I’ve really been busy lately! That mostly-traditional-music album I’ve been talking about for a while? It’s finally out! Yay! It’s called “Cracksman Betty”, and it’s on iTunes and Amazon and the usual places. There’s some original work on it – and one comedy bit, I do something horrible but funny to Danny Boy – but it’s mostly in traditional styles. The whole thing streams free on my website. (

I’m also working on a soundtrack album for a book series! I’ve never done this before and it’s interesting and different. In the middle of that, I’ll be heading out for a short tour in eastern Canada – that’ll be late July/early August. It’s just a few dates, but I’m very excited about the whole thing. Toronto, Montreal, New Brunswick, hopefully another date to be announced.

Plus, Anna and I met up with Susan Davis (’86) last month, in May. She was in town on a business trip; we had a lot of fun catching up over dinner at the Dahlia Lounge downtown! If other people are in town and want to meet for dinner or something, do let me know.

Dara Korra’ti Class of 1984