Class Notes

Back to the States

June 8, 2012

Update… After 3 years in the Baja we are moving back to the States. My youngest son is 7 years old (see picture of the solar eclipse) and we need to get him back in an English speaking school system. I am going to teach investments and finance at the U of Wyoming MBA and finance schools. The State of Wyo. gives this program a couple million dollars to help teach the students how to trade with real money. Also, the school has started an energy MBA program to lure students who want to learn about this sector. Within the next 10 years, N. American energy production is expected to almost double to 27 million b/day. To put it into perspective, the Middle East produces about 24 mm b/d. Wyoming’s energy reserves have more BTU’s than Saudi Arabia and many businesses are in the region looking for students who have expertise in this field.

If you have a son or daughter who is looking at undergrad and grad schools, I would recommend they look at UW!….and it one of the lowest prices schools in the country! If interested send me an E-mail.

Pat Fleming Class of 1979