Class Notes

’61 News

June 15, 2012

I am still glowing with pleasure having attended our 50th last year, and I am already anticipating 2016. I simply don’t understand why everyone but me has gotten fat and old. However, I feel certain that I can catch up in four years. It was particularly great to have Dericks, Dees, and Doley under one roof. If you add a touch of Fuller and Fleming, we were “thick as thieves”. I guess now one would say that we are just “thick”.

Betty and I are still very actively “horsing around” with Betty still completing at a high level. That high level left me long ago as a competitor, but I am thoroughly enjoying the role as trainer.

Our young son, Reynolds, and his wife, Val, are expecting our third grandchild in October. He will be on the Deerfield waiting list in November.

The “goings on” at Deerfield are simply amazing. For all of us who worried about adding a female clan, it is obvious that we were only jealous and not worried about the best interests of the Academy. The Quid would be proud.

Ernie Oare Class of 1961