Class Notes

35th Reunion

June 15, 2012

Well guys, now it is my turn to join the banter. I, too, echo most everyone else’s grateful sentiments to Tucker, Jack and Wayne. That weekend was spectacular!

Although we had to leave the reunion early (our two older boys were participating in a documentary competition) , I had the unique pleasure of introducing my youngest son, Davis, to Deerfield. Since he is 13, I got to see my past through the eyes of the present and the future. Needless to say, Davis was instantly smitten with Deerfield and now is single-mindedly focused on applying. But his glimpse of Deerfield is one that recognizes the amazing consortium of human excellence that is our shared heritage. Having missed many, many previous reunions, and admittedly not knowing many of you as well as I would like to, it is both humbling and exhilarating to be among you in our class, and as alumni of Deerfield.

As we were leaving Deerfield early on Saturday morning to head down to Washington, D.C., I took Davis up to the rock. He said to me, “Dad, it is so beautiful…amazing…I don’t know what else to say!”


Best to all of you. Looking forward to staying in touch.

Mike Steller Class of 1977