Class Notes

Jeff Berkowitz ’66

May 10, 2012

Jeff Berkowitz (“JB”) is the Chairman and Owner of Berkowitz Development Group, Inc., a Florida corporation (“BDG”).  JB has engaged over the last 30 years in the development (land purchase, zoning and construction) and management of large commercial real estate shopping centers. JB is widely recognized as one of the pre-eminent retail developers in Miami-Dade County. JB pioneered vertical retail centers, one of which was the Fifth & Alton Shopping Center, which was recently completed.

Fifth & Alton effectively services as a world class gateway to the heart of Miami’s famed South Beach, it prime location greets residents and tourists alike.

Fifth & Alton won the International Council of Shopping Center’s US Design and Development Silver Award in the Innovation Design and Development of a New Project category. This award recognizes and honors a specific new shopping center and demonstrates how a specific design or construction problem was solved or how new standards in design and construction were established.

Fifth & Alton was also the recipient of Project of the Year 2010 Urban Land Institute’s Southeast Florida/Caribbean District Vision Award, Best of 2010 – National and Southeast Retail.