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Class of ’69 News from Doug Squires

March 13, 2012

Class News from Doug Squires ‘69’s blog, Albany Road Redux,

Rich Berkowitz was elected chairman of the board of the Community Foundation of Broward in January. A public nonprofit organization with more than 400 charitable funds and agency endowments totaling $100 million, the Community Foundation of Broward has distributed $55 million to support community solutions since its founding in 1984.

Jonathan Carter continues to take the industrial wind developers to task and has devoted the entire January issue of The Maine Woods to the topic. In a nutshell, King’s contention is that “mountain-top wind development is both an ecological disaster and an economic boondoggle”. You can read more about it here

In his spare time, Hank Minor practices the ancient art of falconry on his farm in upstate New York with Kachina, a red-tailed hawk. For those who may not know, the red-tailed hawk is probably the most common hawk in North America. Several years ago, a member of the species named Pale Male became the subject of worldwide media attention when the board of one of the swishiest co-ops on Fifth Avenue attempted to dislodge him from the penthouse nest he had been sharing rent free with a series of companions over the years.

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