Class Notes

NYC Beers and Bravado

February 9, 2012

So great to connect with Whit Armstrong, Doug Cruikshank, Doug Schmidt, Ben Patton and Will Wolf in NYC on January 26th.

Will wins for best surprise guest – he lives in DC and runs Human Development for Credit Suisse First Boston, spending half the month in Switzerland, a week in DC and a week in NYC. He was headed to the airport to fly home when he stopped by for a burger and some hearty laughs.

Whit continues to paint, Doug S. continues to deal and Doug. C continues to keep the banking industry on the straight and narrow.

Ben has written a book, due out in March. Stay tuned for the NYC event announcement.

Jon Gottscho called in to lament his own absence at the soiree and others emailed their disappointment at not being available.

When Will saw me raise my phone to take his picture he lamented, “Please – no pictures for the blog.” When I reminded him that is was BECAUSE of the blog ( that he even knew we were gathering he replied, “true enough John, fire away!” Let that be a lesson to us all – that sharing a moment of ourselves makes our class community stronger. Or just gets you a free burger and a beer! (pictured here with Doug Schmidt).

Guess we’ll just have to do it again…Feel free to host a gathering in your area, like Don Hindman did in Denver – i can get you some names and emails…
John Knight 1983