Class Notes

Notes from ’49

February 14, 2012

Harvey Loomis (who claims to be healthy, happy, retired (and lazy) living with his wife Linda Francke on the end of Long Island in New York) forwards the following reports from and about ’49 classmates:

Bob Dewey has sent another stunning report about the Dewey squash distaff dynasty: There are 9 granddaughters, 8 of whom excel at squash: Hallie, a Princeton freshman, plays at #4 on the varsity, which at last report was in the top five in the country (Hallie also won the Jennie Sheldon award at Deerfield last year, for the school’s top female scholar-athlete); Charlotte and Kati are freshmen at Middlebury and play #s 2 and 8 on the varsity; Tori, a senior at Deerfield, is captain of the undefeated varsity; Lindsey and Cameron, sophomores at Deerfield, are also on the varsity at #s 3 and 5; Robby, 13 and Griffin, 9 are both playing in tournaments. That leaves Allison, also a Deerfield sophomore, who is on the varsity soccer team and hopes to make the varsity lacrosse team.

From John Corry: I’m doing well at 80. Living in Bronxville, where we’ve been for 46 years. Retired from Davis Polk law firm at the end of 1996. Since then have raised money for Princeton, written five books on US history, led in founding Gramatan Village, a ‘living in place’ organization dedicated to making it easier for seniors in our area to continue to live in their homes, and am doing development work for Chautauqua Institution in Western New York, where Emily and I spend the summer We enjoy going to the opera in New York and I play bridge two or three times a week.

From Dick Kaiser: For the past twenty years we have lived north of Gunnison, Colorado, for at least six months out of the year and for the past ten year round. I did my time in the USMC and then as a NavCad and finally as a Naval Aviator in VF-52 flying Baby Blue Panthers at the end of the Korean War. Finally got out, did medical school, surgical and anesthesiology residencies, practiced and taught for many years, retired and moved aboard on our Westsail 32 for three years and then a fifth wheel RV for 22, built a small house this last summer. Two wives divorced and deceased, Barbara Anne and I’ve been married thirty years and still going strong. Three boys, none in jail, all employed, oldest spent 20 years in Seal Team 6, retiring as chief pilot, which makes three generations of Navy pilots in our family. I ski patrolled an area in Reno for 20 years as a National and now just do mild back country for the work out and the gorgeous country and ride the mountain bike. I well remember George Gallup, as following a hockey tournament in the Garden, he decided to stay in our room in NY and share my bed–huge guy, no sleep for me! Stay well, Kaise

Don Dwight reports that he and Nancy are thriving (as are their son Chris and daughter Helen), but have been engaged in an unsettling real estate juggle for the past few years, which now appears to be heading to a happy resolution: They sold their long-cherished house in Lyme, NH, and after a three-year struggle with a flaccid real estate market are finally downsizing in Boston – all with a view to building a house in Palmetto Bluff, in South Carolina, where they bought property a few years ago. As Don wrote: “This kind of uncertainty is not what I thought I would be living with at age 80 but it certainly isn’t boring.”

Harvey Loomis 1949