Class Notes

Rick Prum 1979 on cover of Yale Alumni Magazine

January 4, 2012

Dan Pryor ’79 reports that “Rick Prum is on the cover of Yale Alumni Magazine and the story about his academic career is fascinating. Prum’s healthy skepticism about the world has helped him to become one of the most compelling thinkers in the natural sciences. Rick was a knowledgeable ornithologist in 1978 which we witnessed during our occasional hikes up to the shack. Prum went to Harvard for his undergraduate degree and years later was hired as the head of the Peabody Museum at Yale and won the distinguished MacArthur “genius” award. As the Yale Magazine article says, this “ornithologist discovered new kinds of color, proved T. Rex had feathers, and answered the question ‘What is art?’ Read the article featuring Rick Prum.