Class Notes

News from Portland OR-John Berman ’63

January 30, 2012

Being on the west coast, my connection has been mostly with emissaries from Deerfield’s alumni office and letters from the school.  If I could get in, I would love to go to the Deerfield of today.  I cannot imagine anyone (excluding certain Republican presidential candidates) who wants to step backward, and certainly Deerfield has become awesome.  (Being coed brings that type of improvement.)

 On a personal note, being a trial lawyer who tried more jury trials last year than the prior five combined, life is not dull.  I am helping raise a 13 year old, who makes me laugh at least once a day, and who growls at me at least twice a day. 

 Our outdoor men’s soccer team is about to start its spring season.  It is an over 50’s league, which means some even younger players are “grandfathered in” with their teams when they move up agewise.  Our first game is against a near professional team.  One of its players was on Ireland’s world cup team.

So that I don’t give any misapprehensions, fortunately we have several talented players, and I am more tolerated than encouraged.

I have appreciated the invitation to attend numerous events on the East Coast. If anyone comes through Portland, let me buy you dinner and introduce you to a really nice town.