Class Notes

Michael Carboy ’77 in Hong Kong

January 30, 2012

Michael Carboy ’77 writes, “Greetings All!  After having endured the pollution in Beijing for 2 years, I relocated to Hong Kong in May 2011 where I head up the China research function for Deutsche Bank’s “DB Climate Change Advisors” unit.  What remarkable contrasts between the greentech world in the US where progress is hobbled by politics and here in China where progress, albeit sometimes ham-handed, continues as an key element of national strategy.  The culture of Beijing and Hong Kong are pretty darned different and I have yet to decide which, when finally boiled down, I prefer.  The Chinese political antics and deciphering what it all means in both cities keeps things forever interesting. If anyone happens to be transiting through HK, please let me know.  Won’t make the reunion this year, so best to all!  Oh, and if you think you are too old to learn anything new, you can!  Somehow this linguistically lame fellow managed to learn enough Chinese in 2009 to get around, function as a Beijing resident and rap a bit with the locals.”