Class Notes

Career News-Richard Bader ’86

January 30, 2012

After a lifetime of renting, my wife and I finally bit the bullet and bought a house in Northern Virginia where I’m in my second year as a high school counselor (cue laughter).  As a counselor I have the opportunity to sound just like Mr. Hastings did when we were in school.  Needless to say I laugh a little and cringe a little at the same time while the words are coming out of mouth.  Although I don’t get a chance to get up to the valley too often anymore Deerfield experiences are relived in my office on a daily basis as I try to explain how it was that I was always the last one to finish a run around the lower level fields (thanks Mr. Henry) but that at least I finished the task at hand.  Best to all with whom I’ve been off the grid.