Class Notes

Back from Afghanistan

January 27, 2012

Brad Butz ’79 writes: “Best wishes to all of my classmates, and greater Deerfield family! I spent a little bit of time this past year in Kandahar, Afghanistan, as the senior U.S. Air Force officer assigned to NATO’s Regional Command South (RC-S). It was a great experience and yet another opportunity to reinforce the importance of building relationships with global allies on a personal basis. It is these personal relationships that form the foundations for improving security, enabling military and law enforcement to protect the population which allows development and sustainment of an economy that fuels infrastructure and education. All of these lead to stability and long-term viability of local, state, and national government for a nation made up of many tribes. Jay Morsman taught me all of this! We are not close to completing the mission, but the women, children, and families of Afghanistan see the results, the potential, have hope for freedom, and a better future. Your sons and daughters are serving our nation well! Cheers to all from Yorktown, VA!”