Class Notes

Rob Harwell 1953

November 30, 2011

“From left to right Rob Harwell DA’53, John McPhee DA’49, Margaret Ann Robinson, a major benefactor of the Nashville Public Library Foundation at whose home the event was held, and Beth Harwell, my wife, who was with me during our time on the Deerfield Faculty ’60 thru ’66 and as it turns out, a central figure in the life of the school.

John McPhee was interviewed by John Seigenthaler prominent former editor and publisher of the “Nashville Tennessean” and Chairman of Vanderbilt University’s “First Amendment Center.” During Seigenthaler’s interesting interview with McPhee, John spoke not only about his career as a writer and teacher of writing but about his New Yorker profile on “The Headmaster” and his introduction to geology in a course with Frank Conklin, who was a member of the faculty and DA ’33.

The evening was a success.

It was a thrill for me to be part of bringing Deerfield Academy before so many folks with a love for books and learning.