Guidelines for Donating Faculty Papers

The Deerfield Academy Archives is interested in documenting all aspects of your career, including teaching, research, correspondence, and other contributions to the administration and governance of the school.  We hope that you will consider donating materials that reflect these activities.

The following are examples of the types of materials the Deerfield Academy Archives accepts in relation to the teaching life of the school.

  • Class Lecture Notes, syllabi, course outlines, reading lists, examinations.
  • Campus activities material, speeches, extracurricular organization records, coaching, etc.
  • Biographical material: resumes, vitae, bibliographies, newspaper clippings, and biographical questionnaires.
  • Correspondence:

Official outgoing/incoming correspondence and memoranda generated in the course of conducting Academy business.

Professional outgoing/incoming correspondence with colleagues, publishers, organizations, students, etc.

Personal letters to/from friends, relatives, acquaintances and business contacts.

  • Diaries, Notebooks, appointment calendars, memorabilia.
  • Publications, reviews, and articles.
  • Research files.
  • Departmental or committee records.
  • Photographs or other audiovisual media.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Archives at 413-774-1502.