Alumni Membership

Deerfield’s Alumni Association is composed of every former student of the Academy, including those who left prior to graduation for any reason. Once you’ve attended Deerfield, you’ll always have a place here. There are no membership fees or dues.

Deerfield’s alumni body is a vast and varied group that reaches around the world, with alums now living in over 25 foreign countries. Deerfield graduates have entered nearly every possible career field, from Accounting to Zoology.

The nearly 12,500 members of the Alumni Association are a remarkable group and form an incredible network. Nearly each one of us can claim to have ‘run into’ other Deerfield alumni at some point in the recent past.

Being a member of the Alumni Association also means that you are entitled to a number of benefits available to members of the Deerfield family.

We endeavor to create events and programs that will appeal to all ages as well as offering different services to our alumni. While we can’t promise to use every suggestion, we welcome your ideas and look forward to hearing from you.

The Alumni Association is headed by its Executive Committee. For more information, please contact the Office of Advancement.