Use of Academy Resources

Logos, Photos, and Other Intellectual Property

Students must request permission from the Communications Office for any use of Deerfield Academy’s name, logo, seal, photographs, or other official materials.

Locked Doors

Secured external doors (including fire exits) may not be used by a student except during a drill or emergency. Tampering with the locked doors may lead to disciplinary action.


Students who misuse technology resources are subject to disciplinary action. While it is impossible to delineate all the inappropriate uses of computing systems, common sense and respect for others are paramount.

Misuse of computers, the school’s network, or other information resources including—but not limited to—anonymous postings, inappropriate use of social networks, apps, and mobile devices, may violate school rules and can constitute a breach of integrity. Examples of misuse of technology include but are not limited to the following:

  • Gaining unauthorized access to any computer or computer system
  • Tampering with any files or data stored on an individual computer or on the network
  • Use of computer or network resources to the extent that it limits others’ access
  • Possession and/or sharing of inappropriate or offensive material
  • Vandalism of computer hardware including theft, damage or disfigurement, and manipulation of computer software, especially when this impedes the academic work of others

 The Laptop Use Agreement and the Acceptable Use Policy further govern student usage of computers and technology on campus.

Library Use

In fairness to other users and out of respect for the institution, library materials must be recognized as common and vital property of an academic community. Hence, all rules concerning the checking out of circulating materials and limitations on journals, magazines, newspapers, and reference materials must be observed. Any action that unfairly limits access to library resources or any willful defacement or destruction of library materials is a breach of academic integrity.


Purposeful destruction or damage to school property or the property of any individual will not be tolerated. Included in this rule is the expectation that students will respect others’ personal space and belongings.

Please note: Any postings on campus must include the name of the author and, if different, the person posting.