Common Rooms and Dormitory Room Guidelines

Common Rooms and Shared Spaces

Particularly in shared spaces, students should be aware of and receptive to the feelings and needs of others. Some group activities can be isolating or offensive (regardless of intent) and may create an unwelcome or threatening environment. Misogynist and racist themes are pervasive in some video games and music, for example. Students should be respectful and accepting of others’ concerns. Requests to adjust behavior or activities in common spaces should be heeded, so that they may be more inclusive to all.

Dormitory Room Guidelines

  • The following items are not permitted in student rooms: refrigerators, televisions, projectors, offensive posters, slogans or pictures, liquor bottles and/or beer cans, or pets (except fish).
  • Students may have a single computer monitor of 27 inches or less.
  • Furniture provided by the Academy must remain in student rooms; requests for removal may be made to the Dean of Students.
    • Desk chairs are an exception: they may be removed from student rooms if they are replaced with fire-code-compliant alternatives. To request removal of an unused desk chair, contact the Dean of Students Office.
  • Beds may not be dismantled nor may they be elevated on desks and bureaus.
  • Lofts are prohibited.
  • When rooms are unoccupied, all lights should be turned off.