Class Dress

The dress code sets a minimum standard for attire at school functions while providing room for personal expression. Deerfield values inclusivity, yet clothing and accessories sometimes send subtle messages of exclusion; students should take care in these choices. Sheer, revealing, and tightfitting clothing may also send an inappropriate message.

“Class Dress” must be worn by boys and girls in the following contexts:

  • Classes
  • Sit-down meals
  • Traveling as a member of a team or group (unless in uniform)
  • Academy events or functions
  • Occasions designated by the Head of School or the Dean of Students
  • In the academic buildings, including the library, during the academic day—regardless of whether students have finished their academic obligations.

Hats are not to be worn in academic buildings or in the Dining Hall at any time. Appropriate attire should be worn in the Dining Hall during walk-through meals.

Everyone is expected to exercise good habits of personal grooming.

Students whose cultural or faith traditions conflict with Deerfield’s dress code should contact their class deans to identify alternatives.

Deerfield employees are expected to hold students to these guidelines; students are expected to comply when asked to adjust their dress.

Girls Class Dress

Jeans are not permitted. Dresses and skirts must fall within four inches of the center of the kneecap; no bare shoulders or low necklines. When wearing pants, skirts, or shorts, girls must wear—not carry—two visible layers on top, one of which must be a blazer or sweater (not a fleece).

Boys Class Dress

Facial hair is not permitted. No jeans are allowed. Boys must wear a sport-coat, tie, and a collared shirt—tucked in. Ties must be visible.

In the winter term only:

  • Sweaters (not a fleece) may replace a sport coat when worn with a collared dress shirt and a tie.
  • Turtlenecks may replace collared shirts and ties as long as they are worn with sport coats.