Cell Phones

Students with cell phones are required to provide their numbers to the Academy for the emergency notification system. Failure to do so will result in Accountability Points.

Students are required to be present, responsive, and available to others. “Heads down,” or engrossing activities (calls, games, Snapchat, text) are not permitted while walking the campus or at any time when in the presence of others except in dormitories, the Greer, the Fitness Center, the Day Student Lounge, and the Koch Café. While not prohibited, we encourage students to apply this same “heads up” standard to the use of headphones and earbuds.

All cell phone use in the Dining Hall is prohibited—including the lobby and Parker Room, even during walk-through meals. (Students should leave their phones in their school bags during meals.) Use of cell phones during community gatherings (e.g. school meetings, performances, and Academy Events) is also prohibited.

Students must respect requests to remove cell phones from situations where privacy is a concern, particularly locker-rooms and bathrooms, faculty residences, the Health Center, and others’ dorm rooms.

Additionally, it is expected that all students carry their cell phones with them when traveling beyond Old Main Street of Deerfield.

Inappropriate use of a cell phone may result in a one-day confiscation. Repeated infractions can result in longer confiscations.