Dormitory & Common Room Visitation (Parietals)

Dorm Room Visitation

Deerfield’s dorm room visitation policy acknowledges some students who share the same gender identity are engaged in relationships that are more than simple friendships—just as there are platonic relationships between students of opposite gender identities. The closeness of our community and our biological-gender based housing system requires a degree of trust in students—regardless of their sexual orientation and identification.

The following rules apply to both opposite-sex and same-sex couples’ visitation and are guided first and foremost out of concern for student safety:

  • Visitation privileges are granted at the sole discretion of the on-duty faculty member and may be subject to assessments of dormitory citizenship, room cleanliness, and other factors.
  • Visitation is allowed after October 1.
    • Visitation for senior and ninth-grade couples is not permitted; seniors and ninth-graders may visit in groups.
    • Visitation is allowed on Friday and Saturday nights, from 8pm until 15 minutes before the curfew of the youngest student in the visitation.
    • Study Visitation, available only to juniors and seniors during study hours after October 1, must adhere to study hall guidelines.
  • In visits between an older and younger student, the visitation rules for the younger student apply, regardless of where the visit takes place:
    • For ninth- and tenth-graders, the door must be open as wide as a trash can and the room’s main overhead light must be turned on.
    • For juniors and seniors, the door must be open as wide as a shoe (, and a light source (not a computer display) must be on.
  • Visiting students and their hosts must check-in and check-out, in person, with the on-duty faculty member in the dorm.

Common Room Visitation

In the following first floor common rooms, visitation does not require faculty permission but is subject to the following guidelines:

  • Barton
  • Crow Commons
  • DeNunzio
  • Harold Smith
  • John Louis
  • John Williams
  • Louis Marx
  • Rosenwald/Shumway
  • Monday through Friday, common room visitation is allowed from 2pm until 15 minutes before curfew.
  • On Saturday and Sunday, common room visitation is allowed from 11am until 15 minutes before curfew.

Dormitory Sleepovers

  • Sleepovers are allowed only on Friday or Saturday nights and must be approved by the on-duty faculty (of both dormitories) at least one hour before the curfew of the student host.
  • At their discretion, on-duty faculty may limit the number of sleepovers. A limit of three sleepovers (three students) per corridor is recommended.
  • If a ninth- or tenth-grader is staying in a junior and senior dormitory, their earlier curfew still applies.
  • The student spending the night must fill out a paper Sleepover Form, which requires signatures of faculty on duty in both the visitors’ and the hosts’ dorms. Copies of this pass must be posted on both visitor and host doors.
  • The host dorm faculty member on duty must notify the School Officer in Charge (SOC) of the sleepover—by phone, email, or through the eSignout system. The SOC can be reached at 413-772-9070.
  • Day students must have parent/guardian permission to stay overnight in a dormitory; day-student sleepovers are permitted only on weekends, during inclement weather, or with permission of a dean for special events (e.g. Dance Showcase, etc.).
  • Occasionally, students request sleepover guests who are unaffiliated with the Academy; in this case, an Overnight Guest Form (paper) must be completed and approved by a Dean.
  • Guests of college-age are not permitted to stay overnight in a Deerfield dorms.