Additional Major Rules


Respect for the rights of all and for the differences among us is essential for the Deerfield community. Discrimination of others on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, age, ancestry, genetic information, marital status, place of birth or on the basis of disability has no place in our community. If members of the Deerfield community experience or witness any apparent incident of discrimination by students, faculty, or staff, they should report the incident to a faculty member or the Dean of Students Office. Such incidents violate the ideals of Deerfield and may be subject to appropriate disciplinary response.

Online Behavior, Devices, and Privacy

Students are subject to the Academy’s rules—and potential disciplinary response—for both offline and online activities. We recommend that students manage their online privacy carefully and review the Academy’s Acceptable Use Policy. Further, we require that students:

  • Never impersonate or adopt another person’s identity; do not post under another user’s account or identity.
  • Don’t post sensitive information: ID numbers, addresses, birthdates, or other details that could enable identity theft or put you or your friends at risk.
  • Ask permission to record classes, meetings, or private conversations.
  • Report online bullying or harassing behavior to the Dean of Students immediately.

Students should recognize that community members have varying degrees of comfort with their words and images being captured and/or posted online; they should consider others’ privacy and exercise discretion when capturing and sharing material. In this vein, wearable computing devices, hidden cameras, and other devices designed for surreptitious recording are prohibited. Students operating remotely controlled or automated cameras (e.g. GoPros, helicopters, timelapses, etc.) should exercise special care to protect the privacy of others.



Theft—including using others’ possessions without their prior permission—is a major rule violation at Deerfield. Students must be clear on this standard and recognize that the unauthorized use of someone else’s information (including login credentials), clothes, bicycle, etc. is considered to be theft.

Open Flame, Fire Safety Equipment

The burning of anything, including but not limited to tobacco products, incense, candles or fireworks, poses a serious risk to all occupants of the building and is prohibited. Open flame, including the lighting of matches or lighters, in any building, except under the supervision of faculty or staff, is also prohibited. Inappropriate use of fire extinguishers, emergency lights, smoke or heat detectors or fire alarms will be considered a disciplinary matter.

Students are not permitted to own gas grills. The use of charcoal grills requires faculty permission.


Firearms, weapons (including knives), ammunition, fireworks or other explosives are prohibited.

Keys, Unauthorized Access

Unauthorized entry and the unauthorized use or possession of an Academy key are forbidden.

Repeated Failure to Meet Obligations & Expectations

Students who repeatedly miss school commitments or display behavior disrespectful and unbecoming of the Academy may face disciplinary action up to and including dismissal. When a student’s general citizenship and demeanor repeatedly fall below the Academy’s expectations, a faculty review may result in a recommendation to the Head of School for disciplinary response, up to and including suspension or dismissal.

A continued accumulation of minor infractions or incidents of personal misconduct may also be considered a violation of a major school rule.