Leaving Campus

Definition of Campus

The Deerfield Academy campus includes the area bounded on the west by the Deerfield River, on the east by Routes 5 & 10, and extending north to Round Pond Road (the Large Loop) and south to Wells Cross Road. Non-employee private residences—even within these limits of campus—are considered “off campus.”

Travel on Pine Nook Road to the Rock, and travel to Richardson’s, Bittersweet Bakery Café, and to the Williams Sugar House via Wapping Road are considered “on-campus.”

After 7:45 pm, students are not allowed on the Lower Level or in the Meadows.


Boarding students are not permitted to operate motor vehicles unless accompanied by their parents/guardians or authorized by a Class Dean.

Boarding students may not have cars on or near campus while school is in session.

A boarding student is not permitted to ride with a day student at any time, except as part of an approved overnight request. In addition, a boarding student may not ride with anyone who is under the age of 21, unless the student has received permission from parents/guardians as part of an approved overnight request.

Students may not ride bicycles on state or federal highways, including Routes 5 & 10, except when authorized by an employee, a dean or the Assistant Head of School for Student Life.

Ride sharing services (e.g. Uber, Lyft) prohibit riders under 18 as a matter of policy. Hitchhiking and train-hopping are prohibited.

Off Campus Sign-out

Nearby Private Residences

Visits to non-employee, non-day-student residences—no matter their proximity to campus—require signout, permission of the property owner, and class dean permission, for each visit.

Day Trips

Students may travel to South Deerfield, Greenfield, Hadley, Northampton, or Amherst only after properly signing out online. For trips beyond those cities, advance approval from the SOC is required. A violation of off campus sign-out procedures is a breach of trust, and the revocation of sign-out privileges is the minimal response.

Students traveling on approved “Pursuit of Excellence” or college visits do not need to submit an additional signout off campus; off-campus signout is included in the appropriate Pursuit of Excellence and College Visit forms.

Student Activities Travel

Student Activities occasionally provides transportation for day trips to destinations such as Greenfield, Hampshire/Holyoke Malls, and the Salvation Army. For these trips, signout is required for all students, including day students.

Weekend/Overnight Trips

Students must submit weekend/overnight plans by 10:15 pm on the Wednesday prior to departure. As in all situations, we expect and rely on the honesty of Deerfield students; providing travel information that is false, misleading, or intentionally incomplete is a breach of trust.

  • Weekend/overnight requests are submitted and approved online; they may be retrieved for printing through DAinfo.
  • Approved weekend slips must be affixed to students’ dormitory room doors.
  • Students who are away from campus for the weekend are due back for sit-down dinner on Sunday evening.

 The above procedures still apply to students traveling on approved “Pursuit of Excellence” or approved college visits.

Exceptions and Late Requests

  • Students who submit their requests after the Wednesday deadline but before Friday at 9 am will receive four APs.
  • After 9 am Friday, all requests for overnights should be submitted to the School Officer in Charge (SOC) at 413-772-9070. Five APs will be assigned.
  • A student may not miss class in order to accommodate weekend travel plans. Special permission may be obtained from Class Deans if unusual circumstances warrant an exception.
  • Permission to return late must be obtained from the Student Life Office prior to departure for the weekend.

If students do not comply with the above procedures, they may be placed on restrictions, and/or their weekend privileges may be revoked

Parent/Guardian Pre-Approval

The Parent/Guardian Permissions and Release Form is used by the Student Life Office to confirm that a student has permission to leave campus for an overnight visit. During school vacations, when a student is required to leave campus, the Student Life Office assumes parent/guardian approval.

Every year all parents/guardians must fill out the Permissions & Release Form and return it to the Student Life Office. Until the Student Life Office has received a completed form, parent/guardian permission is needed for each overnight visit—even travel home. Such permission must be received by the Wednesday prior to scheduled departure. Parents/Guardians may change their children’s Permission and Release Form at any time during the year by contacting the Student Life Office.

If deans are concerned about a student’s weekend plans, they may require specific parent/guardian authorization.

Closed Weekends

There are designated closed weekends when all boarding students must remain on campus. These weekends are listed on the Deerfield Academy calendar. Please do not request travel/overnight exceptions on closed weekends.

Altered Plans

If plans change while away from campus—or if plans are cancelled—students must notify the SOC and/or request approval.

Approved Late Returns/Early Departures

When returning to campus after curfew, students should go directly to the Health Center for check-in and for an escort back to their dormitories by Security.

If students wish to depart from the dormitory before 5:30 am, they should secure permission from their Class Deans.

Swinging Door

While on weekend leave, it is not appropriate for students to return briefly to campus and to leave again without first requesting permission from the SOC at 413-772-9070.


Except during designated school vacations, a boarding student is not permitted to go to motels, hotels, or inns without adult supervision, even with parent/guardian permission.