Anonymous Reporting

Deerfield Academy encourages the reporting of any activity that employees, students or parents/guardians believe in good faith may violate any federal or state law or regulation. To encourage this reporting, the Academy and its Board promise that they will not take retaliatory action against anyone who submits a report in good faith. In addition, the Academy and its Board will not disclose the name of any individual who makes such a report except on a strict “needs to know” basis.

Call 866-427-8492 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) to report questionable activity. This number is staffed by non-Academy personnel. Reports will be referred to the Chair of the Trustee Audit Committee who, along with the President of the Board, will investigate. Reports will be dealt with promptly and discreetly. The investigation of anonymous reports will necessarily be limited by the inability to consult with the individual who filed the report.

Please note that the rules regarding Hazing and Harassment list additional reporting requirements and protections for those who report bullying and harassing behavior.