Rules and Expectations

It is impossible for us to list every rule. We expect students to have a solid grounding in the difference between right and wrong and to use that understanding as a guide in the decisions they make each day.

These expectations reflect what really matters at Deerfield: academic excellence, service to others, and the pursuit of a life well lived. These rules are meant to keep students safe, to ensure that all members of our community can access the full Deerfield experience, and to cultivate the judgment required for a lifetime of thoughtful decision-making.

Scope, Jurisdiction, and Reporting

Simply stated, these rules apply during the entire duration of enrollment at Deerfield: from the first moment students arrive on campus until they depart after graduation, online and offline. A student’s behavior must never jeopardize the welfare or reputation of the Academy or other Deerfield students.

At all times – including school trips, during personal travel, and during vacation periods–students are expected to behave in a manner consistent with school expectations. School disciplinary procedures may be applied if the Academy discovers that students have violated school expectations while away; such infractions may result in disciplinary action up to and including suspension or expulsion.

Students should note that faculty and staff are obligated to report rule violations and student misconduct—regardless of circumstance or method of discovery. These rules are not a legal contract, nor do they grant any additional rights or guarantees.