Reservations and Catering

Catering Services

All catering services require advanced planning with the Dining hall. The following information is provided to assist you in the process. Please keep in mind that the sooner we know about your event the better it will be and it increases the likelihood that your request can be accommodated. We realize that occasionally issues will arise that will warrant a concession to the time line below; we will do our best accommodate you but please be advised that there will be a late fee applied to the event’s bill.

Blackout Periods for Catering Events
Several times during the year it becomes necessary to limit the amounts of additional catering that Dining Services can provide. Examples of these times are large events such as Opening Days, Parents weekends, Spring Visit days, Commencement and Reunion.

Time and Space Form on Line
This is the 1st place to go to initiate contact with the Dining Hall for your event. Most spaces for events are managed through this system. The only spaces that are not are the Greer Store, the Dining Hall, the Dining Hall lobby and Parker room. For use of these rooms please contact Janet Boston directly at Please remember that it is not a guarantee that just because the space is available that the event will be able to take place. Once your space is approved please contact Janet Boston. She will work with you to determine if the catering aspect of the event can happen along with other events already planned on campus. When you contact Janet please be prepared with an account number for charges associated with your event.

TimeLine for Orders
Both simple and complex orders require lead times in order to have time to insure food deliveries and staffing availability.

Simple orders
Do not require additional staff or special menus/planning. Examples of this would be a coffee and pastry meeting or a meeting that would be held in the North or South room of the Dining Hall with the regular menu that the Dining Hall is serving that day. These orders must be received by the Wednesday before the event week. Monday to Sunday (5 days’ notice on the Monday functions, 11 days’ notice on Sunday events)

Complex Orders
Orders involving staffing, special menus, remote locations (outside of the Dining Hall) must be received 2 weeks in advance. This means orders must be received by the Wednesday two weeks before the event, (12 days’ notice on the Monday functions, and 18 days’ notice on the Sunday events). Final confirmation on guest counts and details must be received by the Wednesday of the week before the event is held (5 days’ notice on Monday functions, 11 days’ notice on a Sunday function).

Deerfield Academy Dining Services are the sole provider of catering services on campus. Approval of outside catering companies is at the discretion of the food service director and must complete all paperwork required from the finance office in order to be on campus.

Coffee Room Supplies

Orders will need to be placed by the end of business on Mondays for delivery on Tuesday. The order can be faxed to the Dining Hall (413-774-1621) or emailed to Roger Doiron and Donald Charest. Please plan appropriately with supplies to carry you through until the next Tuesday delivery.

Dormitory Food

Corridor Supplies and Milk for Corridors

Items such as sliced bread, peanut butter, jelly, macaroni and cheese, dry pasta and tomato sauce are available for your corridor. Please place your order by 12:00pm on Tuesday for pickup on Thursday after dinner. The supplies will remain available for pickup until Friday dinner. After this time they will be returned to the stock room. If you fail to pick up the supplies you ordered twice you will be prohibited from ordering supplies the rest of the term. These items can be ordered online. In addition, with permission granted by the faculty resident students are allowed to pick up milk for their corridor at dinner on Thursday and Sunday. Milk does not need to be pre-ordered.


Each corridor is entitled to one free feed per term from the Dining Hall. During the fall and spring, the feed will be a hamburger/hot dog cookout with chips, condiments, cookies, fruit, and milk. During the winter term, grinders will replace the hamburgers/hot dogs. Other substitutions may be allowed. Call Janet Boston at x1521 or email her to schedule feeds. Please order the feed by the Wednesday before the date for which the feed is scheduled.

Faculty residents can order other supplies from the Dining Hall for feeds following the guidelines above for catering.

Equipment Use

Some Dining Services equipment is available for employee’s personal use, providing that it is not needed for a school event or requested during large events on campus. These items must be returned in the same condition or a fee will be charged for repair or replacement. Items such as grills, coolers, tables and chairs area available free of charge. Tents are available for use. Delivery and set up of these items will be subject to a charge. Consumables, such as food, paper supplies and charcoal may be purchased and are covered by the catering procedures. Dinnerware, linen tablecloths and napkins are available for a fee. To request the use of equipment contact Janet Boston at


Please notify the Dining Hall if you anticipate having a guest. If more than two people are expected, please give as much notice as possible.