Student Laptop Support Policy

ITS provides varying levels of laptop support depending on whether or not it is a standard or non-standard laptop. Following are definitions for each:

Standard Laptop

This is the laptop that you were issued when you first arrived at Deerfield Academy. For the entering classes of  2010, 2011, and 2012, the standard laptop is a MacBook. For the entering class of 2013, the standard laptop is a MacBook Air.

If your standard laptop requires service, we will provide you with a loaner so that you can continue your academic work and will take care of repairing/refreshing the laptop assigned to you.

Non-Standard Laptop

This term refers to any laptop that was not distributed to you by Deerfield Academy during New Student/Faculty Orientation.

MacBooks that were purchased through the Academy, but not given to you during orientation, are considered non-standard laptops. Our support policy on non-standard MacBooks purchased through DA is as follows:

What We Can Provide

  1. Facilitate warranty and non-warranty repairs: if you have physical damage to your laptop ITS will assess the damage and let you know whether we think it will be covered under warranty. If you choose to have it repaired we will ship it to the Apple Repair Center. Of course if the repair is not under warranty, you will be responsible for any costs incurred in that repair. We will communicate with you and your parents about those costs and get your approval before allowing Apple to complete the repair.
  2. Provide you with a loaner while your MacBook is being repaired: we will provide you with a loaner while your personal MacBook is out for repair. If possible, the loaner will be a MacBook.
  3. Reimage your MacBook: if your MacBook needs reimaging to solve software problems, we will reimage it. This means that we will replace the original software that was on the laptop when you received it, just as we do with the laptop you received as a new student. Note that, consistent with our existing policy for all MacBook owners, we do NOT backup any data from MacBooks so you will need to make sure that your data files are backed up yourself. The Help Desk staff can give you advice on how to do that.
  4. Provide help with printing or accessing network resources: the Help Desk staff will be happy to show you how to set up printing or access network resources on your MacBook. In addition, instructions are available online.
  5. Install antivirus software: the Help Desk can give you instructions for downloading antivirus software and/or show you how to install it on your MacBook.

What We Cannot Provide

  1. Spend an extended amount of time resolving software problems: if the technician cannot find a solution in less than 30 minutes, we will recommend reimaging the laptop.
  2. Provide/install Deerfield Academylicensed software: in compliance with our license agreements, some software, for example, MS Office, cannot be installed on personally owned laptops. The Help Desk will facilitate the purchase of a personal copy of the software if you are interested and this would be charged to your student account.
  3. Consistent with our long-standing policy, we cannot provide repair support or loaners for laptops purchased outside of the Academy’s programs.