ITS Policies

General Policies

Support Policies

Routine Support

Requests for routine support are normally handled through the Help Desk at x1444.  These requests are entered into our tracking system and a technician is assigned to respond as quickly as possible, on a first-come-first-served basis.  Examples of routine support requests are a computer or phone not working, or the inability to print.  These are normally handled only during regular business hours.

Unexpected Service Interruptions

An unexpected service interruption is the apparent failure of a multi-user computing or telecommunications system.  Examples of these would be Banner or Canvas being down, a telephone or voicemail system outage, the network, email or a campus-wide file server being unavailable.  These types of outages should be reported as follows:

  • During normal office hours or Library Help Desk hours:  Call the Help Desk at x1444.
  • During evenings/weekends when the Help Desk is closed:  Call the School Officer in Charge (772-9070) who will contact the person on call for ITS.

ITS On Call Schedule

Designated ITS staff will share responsibility for responding to emergencies, with a weekly scheduled rotation.  This schedule and contact information will be provided to Security, Senior Staff, the Director of Physical Plant, the Director of Food Services, and the Library.

Scheduled Service Interruptions

Periodically, it is necessary to schedule planned system/network outages for upgrades and routine maintenance.  ITS will notify the community of any planned maintenance work with as much advance notice as possible.  Emergency outages may be scheduled with limited notice, if required to guard against damage to systems or networks, or to minimize downtime.

Special Support

During the course of the year, we recognize there are times when it is necessary and appropriate for ITS to be available during hours outside of our normal coverage, such as reunion, the business audit, and critical weekends in the admission process.  These arrangements should be made ahead of time with ITS by contacting Kimberly Butz.

Questions regarding all policies should be addressed to the Director of Information Technology Services.