• Turn Wi-Fi Off and On
    When arriving in a room to use Apple TV, turn Wi-Fi on iPad off, wait a few seconds, and turn Wi-Fi on.  This ensures iPad grabs strongest signal in room.

    • To turn Wi-Fi off/on (iOS 8 and up):
      • Slide one finger up from bottom of screen
      • Select Wi-Fi button to turn off Wi-Fi
      • Count to 5
      • Select Wi-Fi button to turn on Wi-Fi
      • Slide one finger down from top of pop out menu to bottom of screen
  • Install GreenDoor Mobile Profile
    This profile expedites and improves connectivity between iPad and network thereby improving connection to Apple TV.

    • Follow directions found here to install profile
  • Set Auto-Lock to at least 15 Minutes (recommend Never)
    This will prevent iPad from going to sleep too quickly and causing a drop in signal to Apple TV.

    • To change Auto-Lock:
      • Go to Settings
      • Select General
      • Scroll down and select Auto-Lock
      • Select 15 Minutes or Never
      • Click Home button to return to main screen
  • Forget Wi-Fi network DA-Wireless
    This will prevent iPad from trying to jump to DA-Wireless.

    • To forget DA-Wireless:
      • Go to Settings
      • Select Wi-Fi
      • Select the i to the right of DA-Wireless
      • Select Forget This Network
      • When confirmation dialog box appears, select Forget
      • Select Wi-Fi
      • If it is not already selected, select GreenDoor and wait for iPad to confirm connection via check appearing on screen
      • Click Home button to return to main screen
  • Turn off Bluetooth
    It is recommended that Bluetooth be turned off on iPad if not regularly using a Bluetooth device (e.g., keyboard, speakers).  This cuts down on potential wireless conflicts.

    • To turn off Bluetooth:
      • Got to Settings
      • Select Bluetooth
      • Slide Bluetooth slider to the left to turn off
      • Click Home button to return to main screen