Wired Projection – 3rd Floor MSB

  • Plug HDMI cable with adapter into MacBook
  • Press LAPTOP button on button panel to turn on projector
  • Use Vol Up and Vol Dwn on button panel to raise or lower speaker volume. Volume may also be adjusted via application.
  • When done:
    • Unplug HDMI cable from laptop
    • Press and hold Off on button panel – about 5 seconds – to power down projector


NOTE:  When using an HDMI connection for first time, a change to audio settings will need to be made on MacBook.  This only needs to done once.  While connected to HDMI cable:

  • Click on Apple menu and select System Preferences
  • Select Sound
  • Select Output tab
  • From list displayed under Select a device for sound output:, select NEC (Type will read HDMI)
  • Close Sound window
  • MacBook will remember this setting