Apple TV – Kendall

Before connecting to an Apple TV, make sure the iPad is connected to the GreenDoor wireless network.

To ensure the best signal quality in the classroom, turn off wifi on the iPad and then turn it back on.

  • On projector remote, press Power.
  • Press Source button on projector remote.  When the Apple TV screen appears, move on to the next step.
  • Activate AirPlay on the iPad **
    • Slide a finger up from the bottom of the screen
    • Select the AirPlay icon (bottom center right – looks like a rectangle with a solid black triangle sticking into the bottom)
  • Select the classroom (all Apple TVs are named by room) and turn Mirroring On
  • The iPad image should now be projected.
    • If the image does not appear, go back to the AirPlay icon and turn Mirroring On.  In some cases, mirroring does not take the first time.
  • Volume is controlled via the Volume Up/Volume Down buttons on the projector remote and the volume toggle on the iPad and the app.

When done, be sure to disconnect the iPad from the Apple TV so the next person in the room can connect.

  • Go back to AirPlay on the iPad
  • Select iPad to disconnect from the Apple TV
  • Press Off on the wall panel

** NOTE: To ensure reliable connectivity, you must be running iOS 8 or later on your iPad.  Please contact the ITS Help Desk if you need assistance upgrading to the latest version of iOS.