Install Epson Interactive Software

This feature is available in all classrooms except Kendall 37, 38, 43, and 46.

  • Click on the Go menu and select Connect to Server
    Enter the following in the address window:  smb://
    When prompted enter your Deerfield Network UserID and Password
  • Go to Software Downloads
  • Go to Macintosh
  • Go to Epson Interactive Projector
  • Copy the following files to your Desktop
    • EasyInteractiveDriver2.dmg
    • EasyInteractiveTools2.dmg
    • TeamBoardDraw912.pkg (optional)
  • Run the downloaded files in the same order as listed above.  Reboot when prompted after installing the Easy Interactive Driver.
  • If desired, add the icons for Easy Interactive Tools and Team Board Draw to your dock or Desktop for easier access.