Document Camera – Garonzik

The document camera is not a permanent installation in the Garonzik.  If you need to use a document camera, please be request it when reserving the room (Room Reservation Page).

If touch panel is dark:

  • Press touch panel to wake it up
  • Press Turn System On
  • Press Make sure windows are closed before selecting a source

When touch panel is lit up:

  • Press Podium
  • Press Document Camera
    • If touch panel was dark, this will turn on projector, trigger screen and shades to drop, and set input to Document Camera.
    • If touch panel was lit up, this will change input to Document Camera.
  • Open drawer on left side of podium
  • Turn on document camera by lifting aperture arm via the handle or by pressing Power on right side toward back
  • Use Wolfvision controls on aperture arm to zoom in/out, focus (AutoFocus is on by default), or rotate image.
  • When you done:
    • Turn off document camera.  Lower arm by pulling gently on the handle.  Close document camera drawer.
    • Press Power Off
    • Press Turn Off Projector to turn off projector and to trigger screen and shades to retract.