Blu-Ray Player – Garonzik

If touch panel is dark:

  • Press touch panel to wake it up
  • Press Turn System On
  • Press Make sure windows are closed before selecting a source

When touch panel is lit up:

  • Press Blu-Ray
    • If touch panel was dark, this will turn on projector, trigger screen and shades to drop, and set input to Blu-Ray.
    • If touch panel was lit up, this will change input to Blu-Ray.
  • Press Power on the Blu-Ray player.
  • Press Open/Close and insert disc.  Press Open/Close to close disc drawer.
  • Use touch panel controls for menu functions and viewing options (Play, FF, Rewind).  Use Main Volume slider to control volume.
  • When done:

    • Remove disc from Blu-Ray player.  Press Power button to turn off player.
    • Press Power Off on touch panel
    • Press Turn Off Projector to turn off projector and trigger screen and shades to retract