Document Camera – Koch

  • Open document camera drawer on right side of podium.
  • Press Power Button on the Document Camera.
  • Place document/object to be displayed under camera
    • Document will appear on screen.  Camera will Auto-Focus on document/object
    • Note: The image may take several seconds to appear.
  • Use Controls on Document Camera for Zoom, Focus and to adjust Brightness.
  • Use Lamp Switch on camera head to toggle between 3 settings: BrightDim and Off.
  • To Freeze image – hold image on screen while changing/replacing current document/object – press and release the Camera Icon button
  • To continue with another image after Freeze, place new document under camera and press Camera Icon Button.
  • When Done:
    • Press Power button on document camera. Press Power a second time to confirm shut down.
    • Lower arm by pushing on green handle.  Close document camera drawer.
    • Press Off on button panel.  A beep will be heard when the projector shuts off.

Additional Features:

This document camera has the ability to take snapshots and record video of documents/objects under the camera.  In addition, the camera can be used to record video of goings on in the classroom (e.g., demonstrations, presentations).  If you are interested in using any of these features, please contact Kristopher Wiemer or Heather Sharpes-Smith for assistance.