Health Center Policies


Health Insurance


The Health Center fee covers expenses associated with routine outpatient fees and with three days of inpatient care for each illness or injury requiring an inpatient stay. Charges will occur for additional services and are handled in the following way:

  • Orthopedic equipment will be charged to the individual student’s account.
  • Physician’s fees for laceration repair and for fracture care are billed to the student’s health insurance.
  • Fees for transportation to medical appointments (such as doctor, dental and radiology) will be billed to students’ accounts through the Finance Office. Fees will be set annually and determined by distance.
  • If a student stays in the Health Center for three nights or less, there is no charge. The student’s health insurance will be billed for each night after the third night. A one-time physician charge for physician care after the third night will also be billed to the student’s health insurance.
  • Services provided outside the Academy, such as laboratory services and x-ray services provided at the Baystate Franklin Medical Center in Greenfield are billed to the student’s health insurance.