Environmental Proctors

Every year, members of the student body apply to serve as Environmental Proctors. These individuals work closely with our campus Sustainability Coordinator to implement dormitory recycling and lead the student body in energy conservation challenges such as the Green Cup Challenge and various other events.

These students also take on various responsibilities for researching and promoting new initiatives on campus.

Job Description

Environmental Proctors play an important role in executing campus sustainability efforts.

General Responsibilities 

  • Attend REQUIRED biweekly, and sometimes weekly, E-Proctor meetings with supervisor
  • Be involved with at least one “project” per term including the Green Cup Challenge during Winter Term
  • Complete all “homework” assignments
  • Be a role model: passionate, informed, active, and committed
  • Regularly check email for updated information
  • Post Deerfield sustainability announcements and educational material in dorms
  • Help students learn about their environmental impact
  • Get involved in other campus sustainability projects
  • Volunteer for assemblies and committee work


  • Establish and maintain regular communication with the dorm housekeeper and faculty resident
  • Educate and motivate the dorm about recycling; maintain a regular presence and voice
  • Assign rotations for weekly transfer of bags from recycle bins to consolidation location
  • Ensure sufficient bins and signs in all locations
  • Monitor recycling bins; pick out trash if necessary
  • Collect batteries and ink cartridges; ensure CFL recycling is done safely
  • Acknowledge and thank the housekeeper for their efforts

Energy Conservation and Efficiency

  • Educate and motivate the dorm to conserve energy
  • Use compact fluorescent light-bulbs
  • Meet with HVAC personnel to learn how dorm heating systems work
  • Turn off the lights
  • Use radiators correctly, don’t leaving windows open
  • Close windows during the winter
  • Turn off all electronics when not in use
  • Unplug chargers/electronics when not in use
  • Share consumption data with the dorm to evaluate progress
  • Reduce water and plastic bottle waste

Report Problems to the Physical Plant

  • Broken windows
  • Broken faulty radiators
  • Leaky faucets/showerheads/toilets

Optional (Encouraged, but Not Required)

  • Attend Environmental Club meetings
  • Go on Clean Up Walks