Applying Outside the US

While most Deerfield students who choose to go to university outside of the US are headed either to the United Kingdom or to Canada, the college advising office is able to support students’ college searches anywhere in the world. Because each country has a distinct educational system, a college search outside the US requires particular attention to detail about required testing, deadlines and applications, as the process we use in the US isn’t always applicable outside of the US. 

British Universities

While a few British Universities accept the Common Application (University of St. Andrews, University of Warwick, University of Glasgow, Durham University), most require students to apply using the Universities & Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) forms. The UCAS application is available online. It is important to review each individual university application form and deadline. While some schools in the British system (St. Andrews) use a “rolling admissions” process, we recommend students submit application materials as early as possible.

Student Evaluation

British Universities typically assess students based on their standardized testing. U.S. applicants should expect to submit the SAT or ACT and two to three AP exams or three to four SAT subject tests depending on to which university and program they make an application.

US Qualifications for Oxford and Cambridge

Successful candidates would typically have SAT test scores of at least 700 in Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, as well as in Mathematics, or an ACT score of at least 32. Applicants should also have earned 5’s in three or more Advanced Placement tests in appropriate subjects or SAT subject tests scores of 700 or better in three appropriate subjects. Additionally, students applying to specific courses of study may have to take a written exam or submit written work for evaluation. Please check guidelines below.

UCAS Guidelines

Oxford and Cambridge Guidelines

Canadian Universities

Canada is home to some of the world’s most renowned universities, universities which enjoy the added benefit of having lower tuition costs than many colleges and universities in the United States. While these institutions may have limited or no financial aid for non-Canadian citizens, they are often still a more affordable option than colleges in the US.

Most Canadian universities require students to apply using their own school-specific application, available from each university’s website. Most Canadian universities are also quite clear about minimum standardized test scores and prerequisite coursework. Please note that meeting or exceeding those minimums does not guarantee admission, but this information is helpful in determining whether or not it would be appropriate for a student to submit an application for admission. For reference, the following are links to the 2018 admissions requirements for US high school students to some Canadian universities that have been popular with Deerfield students int he past.