The Bahamas: Sustainability & Marine Ecology

During March break, students will have the opportunity to work alongside educators and researchers from The Cape Eleuthera Institute by participating in ongoing research projects and data collection. Through daily learning activities and field excursions, students and faculty will be exposed to a variety of sampling techniques and field research methods. Exploring the biodiversity of coral reefs and mangroves, students might work with sea turtles, lionfish, stingrays, or sharks. Living on a campus dedicated to environmental stewardship, students will experience new approaches to water and energy conservation and be introduced to aquaculture and aquaponics systems. While the focus of this trip will be the process and methodology of scientific research, students will contextualize their findings within the realities of culture and the challenges of sustainability.

This program is open to all students with a preference towards those who have completed at least one year of a lab science, have a demonstrated interest in sustainability, and are eager to participate in a physically active experience.

All interested students are encouraged to apply by October 29. Financial aid is available for all trips with priority for students who have not previously received aid for a Deerfield trip.

Proposed Itinerary:*

March 9: Depart Deerfield, and stay at a local hotel near NY/New England Airport or remain in Deerfield Dormitories

March 10: Travel to Eleuthera

Typical Schedule March 11 – 17 (subject to change):

  • Early morning, begin the day with an invigorating group activity, such as biking, swimming, or running.
  • Breakfast
  • Morning lab activity
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon research and/or excursions around the island, such as beach clean ups, campus exploration & discussions, and more.
  • Dinner
  • Evening research tutorial/lectures and activities such as lionfish dissection, a night hike and bonfire

Other potential topics include: plastics, sustainable fisheries, food security, permaculture, aquaponics, aquaculture, tourism, coral reefs and mangrove ecology

March 17: Fly back to Boston Logan Airport**

*This itinerary is subject to change.

** Families are responsible for transportation from U.S.-based airport to the student’s final destination at the end of the trip.

Program Notes:

  • This is an “unplugged” trip where students will not have access to cell phones or internet for the duration of their time in The Bahamas.
  • Deerfield students and faculty will live together in open-style dormitory separated by gender with several bunks per room. Most meals will be prepared by CEI in their dining hall, where the kitchen team emphasizes sustainable practices and reduction of food waste.
  • Students and faculty leaders will update families and friends at home through our Notes from Abroad blog. Check out last year’s posts for a better understanding of the travel experience.

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