Tanzania: Understanding Sustainable Development

For this March break trip, students will partner with  Mainsprings: The Janada Batchelor Foundation for Children to focus on understanding sustainable development. Students will engage with all aspects of Mainspring’s mission: refuge for abused and abandoned girls, education, healthcare, and agriculture. The bulk of the trip will be spent on the Mainspring’s site in Kitongo with students digging into academically informed and partially student-designed service projects. There will also be a two-day safari. Students will have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the organization’s mission through immersion in the day-to-day operations of Mainsprings (such as working in the dining hall, on the farm, and with reading buddies), a Director’s lunch, seminars, and working with the resident girls on projects.

This program is open to all students with a preference towards those with a demonstrated interest in service and sustainable development. All interested students are encouraged to apply by October 29. Financial aid is available for all trips with priority for students who have not previously received aid for a Deerfield trip.

Proposed Itinerary:*

March 10-12: Travel to Tanzania

March 13-16: Orientation to Mainsprings, exploration of local area, and initiation of service projects

March 17-18: Safari in Serengeti National Park

March 19-20: Continuation of projects, village night (dinner with local families), and goodbyes

March 21-22: Travel back to Deerfield

*Itinerary is subject to change.

**Families are responsible for transportation from U.S.-based airport to the student’s final destination at the end of the trip.

Program Notes:

  • Students will be housed in rustic dormitories called the Guesthouse. The majority of meals, consisting primarily of rice, veggies, and beans, will be shared with the girls in residence. Other meals will be eaten out at a local restaurant called Papa’s. Breakfast will be served continental style. On Safari, students will stay in a safari lodge or furnished tent.
  • This is an “unplugged” trip where students will not have access to cell phones or internet for the duration of their time in Tanzania.
  • Students and faculty leaders will update families and friends at home through our Notes from Abroad blog.

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