Environmental Sustainability

One emergent theme throughout the curriculum is environmental sustainability. Several classes are explicitly devoted to the study of environmental issues, but nearly every class – particularly in science – touches on it in one way or another. Outside of science, statistics and other mathematics classes evaluate electrical production and usage on campus to determine what can be done to improve sustainability. This information is obtained through the use of technology designed to promote efficiency, and is tabulated in the campus energy dashboard to allow easy tracking of electrical usage.

Deerfield Academy has adopted a forward-looking sustainability mission statement and has created a Sustainability Action Plan to help us bring our community together on this important issue.

Deerfield Academy Sustainability Mission Statement

Deerfield Academy seeks to preserve our heritage by operating in a manner that sustains our natural and human resources for future generations. Through an intentional program both in and outside of the classroom, Deerfield Academy will educate all its members on local and global impacts of personal and institutional choices, encouraging long-term thinking and modeling environmental best practices.

recycle_door_deerfieldThe Deerfield Academy Commitment to Sustainability

  • Deerfield Academy will use resources responsibly by:
      • Reducing our overall consumption of resources.
      • Minimizing our use of non-renewable resources.
      • Expanding our reuse and recycling of materials.
      • Using renewable resources sustainably.
  • Deerfield Academy will preserve the health of our community by:
    • Operating in a manner that preserves and enhances the physical and ecological health of our local and global communities.
    • Helping to support the health of the local economy through local purchasing, contracting, and partnerships, fostering greater sustainability in the local community.
    • Operating in a way to minimize our contributions to harmful climate change and other global environmental challenges.
  • Deerfield Academy will teach and model environmental best practices and long-term thinking by:
    • Incorporating themes of sustainability across the curriculum, through courses that focus on environmental issues as well as through courses that use environmental examples to explain more disparate concepts.
    • Teaching sustainability through experiential and place-based methods, strengthening our connections to River, Rock, and Valley.
    • Demonstrating best environmental practices as an educational tool for students and the community.
    • Using life-cycle analyses and long-term thinking when evaluating alternative plans for new construction, renovations, purchasing, energy generation, and operations.