Signout Policies

Students leaving campus for any reason must complete an off-campus signout form on DAinfo. The Deerfield Academy campus includes the area bounded on the west by the Deerfield River, on the east by Routes 5 & 10, and extending north to Round Pond Road (the Large Loop) and south to Wells Cross Road. Non-employee private residences—even within these limits of campus—are considered “off campus” and require signout.

Travel on Pine Nook Road to the Rock, and travel to Richardson’s, Bittersweet Bakery & Café, and the Williams Sugar House via Wapping Road are considered “on-campus.”

For Employees

Employees who take students off campus for any reason must sign out those students using the DAinfo eSignout page, which can be found under “My Rosters.” Employees may find check-in procedures and the eSignout Log online (password required).

Dorm Sleepovers

Dormitory sleepovers require the completion of paper forms, to be posted in the guests’ and in the host’s dormitory. Faculty should report sleepovers using the Sleepover Reporting Form or to the SOC by phone at 413-772-9070.