Overnight Permission

The Overnight Permission Form should be used by any student who wishes to leave campus for an overnight trip–including weekends. (Please note that for trips requiring classes to be missed, you must first have an approved “Pursuit of Excellence” request on DAinfo.)

The process for Overnight form submission and approval is as follows:

  1. Complete the Overnight Permissions Form. Forms must be submitted no later than 10:15 pm on Wednesday–after which FOUR APs will be assigned.
  2. You will receive a confirmation on-screen.
  3. An email approving your request will be sent from the Dean’s office (within 48 hours). If you do not receive an email, you should assume that your overnight is NOT approved.
  4. The approval email will contain an attachment which is your confirmation of approval for your overnight request. Print the confirmation of your approved overnight request.
  5. Please tape a copy of your confirmation to the door of your room; remove it when you return from your trip.