Travel and Signout

For safety reasons, it is important that Deerfield know where every student is. When leaving campus, students are required to fill out signout forms, located on DAinfo.

Signout Policies

Students leaving campus for any reason must complete an off-campus signout form on DAinfo. The Deerfield Academy campus includes the area bounded on the west by the Deerfield River, on the east by Routes 5 & 10, and extending north to Round Pond Road (the Large Loop) and south to Wells Cross Road. Non-employee private residences—even within these limits of campus—are considered “off campus” and require signout.

Travel on Pine Nook Road to the Rock, and travel to Richardson’s, Bittersweet Bakery & Café, and the Williams Sugar House via Wapping Road are considered “on-campus.”

For Employees

Employees who take students off campus for any reason must sign out those students using the DAinfo eSignout page, which can be found under “My Rosters.” Employees may find check-in procedures and the eSignout Log online (password required).

Dorm Sleepovers

Dormitory sleepovers require the completion of paper forms, to be posted in the guests’ and in the host’s dormitory. Faculty should report sleepovers using the Sleepover Reporting Form or to the SOC by phone at 413-772-9070.

Off Campus Signout

Day Trips

Complete the Off Campus Signout form on DAinfo whenever you travel off-campus for a day trip (for example, running errands, going to the movies, heading out to dinner, etc.).

College Visits

If you are making a college visit (day trip), approved through the College Visit form on DAinfo, you do not need to complete this form.

Overnight Trips

For overnight travel, use the Overnight Permission Form instead.

Request to Miss Classes

Students: If you plan to miss classes for a reason not covered by our College Visit or Pursuit of Excellence policiy, use this form on DAinfo. Approval may be granted only by the Dean of Students Office.

Please note the Request to Miss Classes Form is not intended for medical absences or family emergencies. Any absence related to medical issues (such as doctors’ appointments, injury, surgery, or chronic illness) must be approved through the Health Center. Parents or guardians are asked to call the Health Center directly (413-774-1600) to discuss their child’s plans.

Students are allowed to miss a maximum of five (5) class days – for Pursuit of Excellence, College Visits or other reasons. Requests must be received at least three (3) days prior to the event.

Overnight Permission

The Overnight Permission Form should be used by any student who wishes to leave campus for an overnight trip–including weekends. (Please note that for trips requiring classes to be missed, you must first have an approved “Pursuit of Excellence” request on DAinfo.)

The process for Overnight form submission and approval is as follows:

  1. Complete the Overnight Permissions Form. Forms must be submitted no later than 10:15 pm on Wednesday–after which FOUR APs will be assigned.
  2. You will receive a confirmation on-screen.
  3. An email approving your request will be sent from the Dean’s office (within 48 hours). If you do not receive an email, you should assume that your overnight is NOT approved.
  4. The approval email will contain an attachment which is your confirmation of approval for your overnight request. Print the confirmation of your approved overnight request.
  5. Please tape a copy of your confirmation to the door of your room; remove it when you return from your trip.

Contact the School Officer in Charge (SOC)

Students: This form is used to inform the SOC of unexpected changes in your weekend/overnight plans. For normal sign out and overnight permissions requests, use DAINFO.

For all other inquiries to Deerfield Academy; see our departmental contact information.

  • Not required, but helpful.

Vacation Travel

Charter Bus Service

The Student Life Office arranges charter buses for student travel on Thanksgiving Vacation, Winter Vacation, Long Winter Weekend, and Spring Vacation. To guarantee a seat, students are required to sign up online (students receive advance notice of the sign-up dates and the bus information). Students use their school account to purchase tickets. Please note that charter buses are NOT available at the beginning of school in September, at the end of school in May/June, or on Fall Family Weekend or Spring Family Weekend.

View the complete VACATION TRANSPORTATION information here. Buses depart according to the schedule at the beginning of vacations, and students are required back to campus by 7:30 pm from every vacation (with the exception of the Boston bus).

Round Trip charter bus transportation is available to and from: Bradley Airport (with a shuttle bus service at end of vacation); Darien, CT; and New York City and Boston.

Travel Forms

Travel forms are located on a student’s DAinfo page. The form becomes available just before vacations begin.

Other Travel Options

For information on public bus service, trains, and air transport, see Travel Information.