students-walkingProctors are seniors who live on underclassmen halls and provide residential support by serving as big brothers and sisters to the freshmen and sophomores in their dorms. Proctors also assist faculty by supervising study hall and dorm clean up, organizing dorm activities, and contributing to a comfortable and productive living environment. They serve as role models and mentors, set a positive tone for their hall, and typically form meaningful friendships with their proctees.

Becoming a proctor requires an extensive application and interview process, which ensures that proctors are always well suited to their role. At the beginning of the year, proctors undergo a training program to prepare them for any potential problems or conflicts they may encounter during their time as proctors. They learn what situations they should attempt to handle themselves, and when to get help from faculty residents or the health center.

Freshman and sophomore day students are assigned a day student proctor. Although they do not share a residential experience, day student proctors have many of the same responsibilities as their boarding counterparts, particularly in helping their proctees acclimate to life at Deerfield, and setting a good example around campus.