Standardized Tests

The standardized tests listed here will be administered at Deerfield Academy, unless otherwise noted. Additional exam dates for the ACT and SAT are available at other testing locations. You are responsible for your own transportation. Visit the College Board and ACT websites or contact Mrs. Thiel for more information.

Tests Dates Registration
ACT September 8, 2018
SAT I & SAT II October 6, 2018
PSAT October 13, 2018 All 11th graders are automatically registered, 10th graders should contact. Mrs. Thiel.
SAT I & SAT II November 3, 2018*
SAT I & SAT II December 1, 2018
ACT & SSAT December 8, 2018
SSAT January 5, 2019
SAT I only March 9, 2019 (**not offered at DA**)
ACT April 13, 2019
SAT I & SAT II May 4, 2019
AP Exams May 6-17, 2019  Via Mrs. Thiel
SAT I & SAT II June 1, 2019
ACT July 13, 2019 (**not offered at DA**)
SAT & SAT II August 24, 2019 (**not offered at DA**)

*November is the only time Listening exams are offered for Languages. Be sure to register for these in advance, stand-bys are not allowed.


Check the websites for registration deadlines and late testing deadlines. Additional exam dates are available at other testing locations. Test changes or stand-by testing are no longer permitted. View the respective websites or see Mrs. Thiel for information.

Fee Waivers

Juniors and seniors who qualify for a fee waiver should contact Ms. Frank for a special code to register online. Fee waivers do not cover late registration fees.

Students with Disabilities

If you require accommodations for standardized testing, contact Mrs. Cabral, Study Skills Coordinator. For more information, read our Accommodations Policy. The process takes 4-6 months, so please plan accordingly.