Standardized Tests

Fall 2020 Information

Health and Safety Protocols

Deerfield Academy prioritizes the health and safety of Deerfield students and employees. Therefore, the Academy is taking the following precautions for standardized testing:

  • Prioritizing health and safety in the location and set up for testing
  • Limiting the number of tests open to students outside of DA
  • Reducing the number of students who can test per date
  • In accordance with SAT and ACT guidelines, requiring masks for all students and proctors for the duration of testing
  • Encouraging students in class of 2024, 2023, and 2022 to delay any testing planned for fall 2020

Individual Test Information

The ACT:

The ACT has allowed Deerfield to be a “closed” test center, which means that only Deerfield students can register for these exams at Deerfield.  We are working with ACT to be a test center for two ACT test administrations held this fall – September 12 and October 24.  Starting the last week of July, students can register for these exams online at  and please note that Deerfield Academy must be listed as your current high school to see those Deerfield only administrations.  We are aware that the ACT is adding additional testing dates, but these will be the only two testing dates we will host on campus.  To maintain the best-case scenario of health for our school, off-campus travel will not be approved during September and our travel policy for the reminder of the fall term is still unknown; thus, at this time students will not be allowed to travel to other test sites on other dates.  If you need to take the ACT this fall, please sign up just for these two dates.  Lastly, ACT has canceled plans to administer section-only testing for this academic cycle while it deals with the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The SAT and SAT Subject Tests:

College Board (the agency that administers the SAT) has not allowed Deerfield to be a closed test center for its regularly scheduled Saturday exam dates this fall.  However, we can be a ‘Deerfield only’ test site if we administer weekday testing.  Therefore, with an eye towards our community’s health, two out of the three testing dates at Deerfield will be held on a Wednesday this fall.  Our fall SAT dates are Wednesday, September 23 (SAT I Only); Wednesday, October 14 (SAT I Only); and Saturday, November 7 (SAT I and Subject Tests).

We encourage the classes of 2024, 2023, and 2022 to wait to take any SAT or ACT until December 2020 or later to allow priority for the Class of 2021 and to reduce testing numbers for health and safety of our community.


Fall 2020 Deerfield Academy Standardized Testing Schedule

Test Test Date Registration Deadline Registration Link Additional Info
ACT September 12 August 14 ACT Test Date Still Pending

DA Students Only

SAT I September 24 August 14 Deerfield Academy DA Students Only
SAT I October 14 August 14 Deerfield Academy DA Students Only
ACT October 24 September 18 ACT DA Students Only
PSAT October 17 September 11 10th graders: Registration link coming soon.

11th graders: Automatically registered.

DA Students Only
SAT I/II November 7 October 7 SAT DA Students

Off-Campus Students


*Please note that there are December ACT and SAT test dates. Students can register for those tests at a testing site near their home.

Helpful links

Fee Waivers

Juniors and seniors who qualify for a fee waiver should contact Ms. Frank for a special code to register online. Fee waivers do not cover late registration fees.

Students with Accommodations

If you require accommodations for standardized testing, contact Mrs. Koyama. For more information, read our Accommodations Policy. The process takes 4-6 months, so please plan accordingly.