Placement Tests

Math Placement Test

All incoming students are required to take an online mathematics placement test. Students will take a placement test for their current math course. (Students who are completing Algebra I or Geometry will receive an Algebra I placement test.  All other students will receive a placement test for the course they are completing.)

In instances where it is not easy to discern which mathematics courses a student has taken from the transcript, a student may be asked to complete multiple placement tests. Students will fill out a mathematics course request form that should be returned with the test. Mrs. Calhoun, Math Placement Coordinator, will grade all placement tests and place each student in the appropriate course, based on the test score, teacher recommendation, student request, and SSAT score.

If the placement is the same as the course that the student requested, the student and parents will be informed by email. If the placement is not the same, Mrs. Calhoun will contact the student and family to discuss the result.

If students need additional information, or have questions, please contact Mrs. Calhoun.

Language Placement Tests

Students will take a language placement test if they have prior experience in the language desired to study at Deerfield. If the language desired to study is new, the student will be automatically placed in level one. We need the placement test to be an accurate reflection of students’ abilities, so students should not undertake any special preparations for it, and should carefully follow the instructions at the start of the test.

The placement test is only available online. Once the student takes the placement test, the Language Department will enroll the student in the appropriate course. Course schedules are available online in August.

If students have any questions or concerns, please email Haley O’Neil, Language Department Chair.