9th Graders


All 9th graders are automatically enrolled in English I.


You do not need to request a mathematics course. Based on information in your admission folder, the Mathematics Department will email you a placement test in the near future. They will decide your placement based on the results of both the placement test and your previous performance in math.


Generally, 9th graders take Physics or Physics Accelerated. Where necessary, the chair of the Science Department will review your record to determine the appropriate level.


Indicate the language you intend to study at Deerfield on your Course Request Form. If you have not studied this language previously, you will be enrolled in level 1. If you have already taken at least a full year of this language, you will receive an email with instructions for an online placement test. For students interested in taking Arabic, the decision will be based on a conversation you have with our Arabic teacher.


If you want to take history, you have four choices. Please rank all four of these choices preferentially.

Visual and Performing Arts and Philosophy/Religion

Deerfield has a two-term Visual/Performing Arts requirement and a one-term Philosophy/Religion requirement. Because these two requirements can share one slot in a year-long program, we couple them together under the heading “Humanities.” Students should complete their Humanities requirements before the end of the tenth grade, and many students choose to fulfill these requirements in the freshman year. There are several one- and two-term Arts courses from which to choose. Read the course catalog and pay close attention to the terms in which these courses are offered. Some Arts courses can be taken either as a fifth graded course, or as a sixth course pass-fail. They will labeled with (p/f) in the course title. In Philosophy/Religion, choose from among our one-term courses.

General Advice

  1. Map out your four-year course program to ensure that you will fulfill all of Deerfield’s graduation requirements. Try for a gradual increase in the level of difficulty of your course load from 9th grade to senior year.
  2. Remember to request exactly FIVE graded courses each term. (You may choose a 6th pass-fail visual or performing arts course.)
  3. If you’re requesting history, be sure to rank preferentially all choices.
  4. Be sure to choose alternates for Visual and Performing Arts and Philosophy/ReligionPLEASE SELECT DIFFERENT CLASSES FOR ALL ALTERNATES.