Petition to Take a Sixth Graded Course

The privilege of requesting 6 graded courses is available to returning students only.

In order to petition to be considered for a sixth graded class in English, Foreign Language, History, Math, Phil/Rel or Science, students must have maintained an average of 90% or higher for the 3 previous terms at Deerfield.

In order to petition to be considered for a Visual & Performing Arts course as a sixth graded class, students must have fulfilled their two-term Visual & Performing Arts diploma requirement. Students can fulfill the requirement by:

  • Entering Deerfield with two terms of qualifying incoming credit earned at a previous school
  • Taking two entry-level term courses at Deerfield
  • Entering with one term of incoming credit and taking a one-term course at Deerfield

The sixth-course pass/fail option is still available to students who do not want to receive a numerical grade without having to submit a petition.

  • How will you benefit from this course; what do you feel makes you a qualified candidate; what do you hope to gain from this experience?