Directed Study Proposal

Please check the DA Calendar for the exact Directed Study Proposal due date in February.


    1. A directed study project is equivalent to one full course. Expectations for content and workload should be the same as any academic course.

    2. Grades are awarded on a numerical basis as in any other course.

    3. Approval to pursue directed study is based on the Department Chair's judgment of both the instructor's availability to offer a given project and the student's demonstrated ability to undertake such work.

    4. No faculty member may take on more than two projects. When more than two have received preliminary approval the Department Chair, in consultation with the instructor and the Academic Dean, will make the decision as to which two will receive final approval.

  • Please upload your proposal above, including a course syllabus approved by your teacher. This should include readings or any other material to be used, a set of expectations, and also a means of evaluation.
  • Describe the general objectives of your project.
  • By typing your name above you certify that your directed study has received preliminary approval from your teacher.